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Level 5 Responsible Real Estate Consulting Vocational Qualification Exams

  • It is performed under the authority and supervision of the Ministry of Labor Vocational Qualifications Authority with video recording.

  • The issue is serious and important. You can think of it as the same Student Selection and Placement Center Exams. The exams are conducted under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Labor, Vocational Qualifications Authority and Turkish Accreditation Agency. There are open to inspection.

  • The area where the exam will be held should be an isolated, private and closed room that is completely independent from other compartments and should be used only for the exam on that day. Nobody can enter, except for the examiner and candidates.

  • You must have your ID card with you on the day of the exam and you should have 1 pencil and eraser with you.

  • You should not bring your mobile phone to the test room.

  • You must be in the exam area at least 30 minutes before the exam start time specified to you. Candidates who do not arrive at the starting time of the exam cannot take the exam and their right is forfeited.

  • If the person whose name is planned and notified on the exam day does not come, the 1st exam right will be lost.

  • Candidates take the test at the same time. There are 3 units in total and 20 questions from each unit. You need to get 70 from each unit separately.

  • In the 60-question test exam, the wrong does not erase the right and you have 1.5 minutes per question. 

The test exam lasts 90 minutes in total, and candidates usually finish it in 20 minutes. 

  • Our advice is that you read all the questions carefully, without hurrying. Especially the question is that you should read the roots, endings and all of the choices.

  •  In the performance exam, candidates gather together in the exam room. Records are made to the camera and who will take the exam in what order is notified.

  • Then everyone goes out and the candidates are taken to the one-to-one performance / oral interview exam according to their turn.

  • There are 2 units in the performance exam. There are 11 questions in A2 unit and 28 questions in A3 unit. The exam will progress as one-to-one question-answer.

  •  There is an obligation to get 70 from each unit separately. In addition, some questions specific to the performance exam are critical steps, and if these questions are not answered, you cannot pass even if you get 90.

  • You must not leave the test area. Because after one candidate leaves, the next person must enter.

  • On the exam day, you have to devote 1 day completely for this.

  • On the day of the exam, you have to follow the examiner's instructions and warnings.

  • During the exam, in any way, for any reason; you should not discuss with the examiner, to examine the questions etc.

The friends who will take the exam should definitely come after having examined the NATIONAL QUALIFICATION STAGES before the exam. The exams are in line with these steps. We wish success to all candidates who will take the exam.

To prepare for this exam , we have online lessons. If you want you can join to our online lessons.

We can do this exams everywhere in Turkey. From All cities you can join this exams. According to group sıtuatıons. Especiall some cities like İstanbul, Ankara, , we can do exams almost everyday. For the other cities , we must speak and we must agree each us. Dont hesitate to contact wıth us.